Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Recycling just got easier for some residents in eastern Broome County.

Bert Adams Disposal, a contractor for Broome Recycling, installed a $500,000 dollar sorter that will allow residents to toss all of their recyclables in just one bin.

Using what’s called “single-stream” recycling, residents no longer need to sort aluminum, plastic, and paper.

Recycling plant operators say the new process is more cost effective.

“Drivers would have to put glass and plastic in one bin, and newspapers in another, and cardboard in another,” said Bert Adams, of Bert Adams Disposal in Binghamton. “That’s time consuming at the curb, now they can just dump it in the truck and go to the next stop.”

Adams said he expects more people to recycle with single stream.

Although there is no longer any need to sort, operators want to remind people everything is still being recycled.

“It might go in a garbage truck now in the future, so we’re not throwing it away we’re recycling as you can see by the machine that was running in there,” he said.

The center expects to process between 10 and 20 tons of waste a day.

Towns that will be affected include Chenango, Windsor, Kirkwood, Conklin, and Greene.